Bentinho Massaro: Relatie formule

Bentinho Massaro, een spirituele leider, bekende spreker en een bron van inspiratie! Graag deel ik zijn inspirerende relatieformule:


Human life is about the journey of each individual waking up to more of themselves.
It’s not really about any of the relationships we have along the way. Not family, not friends, not parents, not dogs, not partners, not spouses. It’s all mirrors helping us–if we pay attention–become more of our true selves, and we mirror them to become more of theirs.

Humanity has gotten it all backwards: Attachment and possessiveness out of fear, instead of freedom and acceleration out of love. We simply lack a clearer understanding of the real purpose behind meeting people in our lives. It is time to get really honest with ourselves if we wish to take the concept of what relationship truly is with us into this new age of enlightenment. We cannot just wake up to the truth within, but pretend that our standards and concepts for relationships don’t change.

It’s time for honesty even if you’re afraid of admitting it.

This should become humanity’s primary focus in any relationship: the journey of each self into more of their true Self—from self to Self.
No more of this: “What can I get out of this relationship? What can I get from you? How can I keep you with me so I feel safe and loved by another?”
The question–if we wish to further our spiritual journeys–should from now on always be: “How can I reflect you in such a way that you will walk more directly into the light of your own Soul, while my attentiveness to my own inner experience will ensure that I will learn to become even more of my Self while being of service to your path into more of your Self?”

Real relationships are all about each individual strengthening the relationship with their own Higher Self and wanting the same for the other person. Relationship is not really about the two lower selves sticking around forever. It is not about two sacks of blood touching and kissing each other for the rest of their lives and pretending it means something more. Relationship shouldn’t be about the other person having to be a certain way, nor should either party have to please the other person’s fears and lack beliefs.

If we’re honest with ourselves, and look at life as objectively yet spiritually awake as we can, we will realize that this journey is always about each individual finding and becoming more of their true selves and accelerating their purpose in this life time. We can beautifully utilize the profound reflections that relationship offers us to do so, but we should not abuse another for our personal well-being.

Freedom should be the basis of each relationship, not fear. Love should be paramount, not romanticism. Truth should be the foundation of communication, not pretense and sugar coating.

What is love? It can only come with freedom as the foundation, and when you succeed, it feels like something like this:

“I want you to become the truest expression of you that you know how to and I want to assist you in doing so by being a reflection of you and a radiator of my own truest Self to the best of my present ability. I will not hold you responsible for how I feel, instead, I will use you as a reflection reminding me to strengthen my direct experience of the bliss that is my eternal connection to my own Soul. In this way, we will amplify each other and accelerate each other’s journeys. And when the time has come to say goodbye because we recognize that there is greater alignment to be gained in another direction in life, it doesn’t have to get ugly or painful, because we will both have come to recognize the true connection of our souls–which is eternal and does not depend on the physical circumstances–and we have come to realize that our happiness depends not on our relationship to other lower selves, but directly and solely on the degree of alignment we have cultivated to our very own source. Thank you for helping me get closer to my source. I love you now, forever and unconditionally so.”

Now share this post if you dare, and go tell your partner how much you love them and their journey, and how the priority of your relationship for you from now on is only going to be each person’s journey into more of themSelves. Period. No excuses. No more fear. Live this. Give this gift to them, and they will learn to give it back to you in time.

With genuine love, care, appreciation, and a healthy dose of discerning wisdom,

Bentinho Massaro – Online University for Self-Realization & Self-Actualization.

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